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65 Arrested During Federal Drug Raid in San Diego County

Posted on Wednesday, Sep 11, 2013

Sixty-five suspects were arrested as a result of "Operation Mountain Shadow" and are now awaiting to be arraigned in federal court. The suspects will be charged with conspiracy to distribute controlled substances as well as various we... Read More...

DUI Checkpoint Requirements

Posted on Monday, Mar 18, 2013

Typically, a police officer must have "reasonable suspicion" of a violation of law in order to make a traffic stop. However, this is not true of sobriety checkpoints. In Ingersoll v. Palmer, 43 Cal.3d 1321 (1987), the California ... Read More...

Innocent Drivers Turned Into Drug Smugglers

Posted on Monday, Feb 18, 2013

Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTO) continue to take advantage of innocent drivers by using magnets and GPS trackers to hide drugs under their vehicles. Everyday drug smugglers are targeting drivers preparing to enter the United States through... Read More...